About the owner

Carla always loved fashion despite not working in the fashion industry.  Finally she decided (after 17 years of working in corporate america) to follow her dream of opening a fashion boutique. Osay Boutique was developed while traveling.  During every trip, Carla would stop in the local boutiques. She loved the warm welcome she felt upon entering and all the unique products she couldn’t find at home.  Boutiques exposed Carla to the many unique designers from around the world and wants everyone to experience what she has. OSAY means only stylish as you. Everyone has style and we are here to show you unique designers from around the world!

OSAY’s mission statement: OSAY has a passion for fashion that is unique and fun while always putting customers first and bringing the latest trends to feel confident every day.

A message from our CEO and Founder:

Thanks for visiting Osay Boutique and we hope you love all the designers as much as I do!

Stay Stylish!

-Carla XO